Vegan Restaurants in Paris : 11th Arrondissement Edition

One of things I love about the 11th is how many new healthy restaurants are popping up every day! There are so many vegan and vegetarian restaurants the area so I wanted to list my Top 4 favorite vegan restaurants in the neighborhood!

Aujourd'hui Demain

This cosy concept store/cafe/restaurant is the perfect place to grab a vegan launch ! In addition to changing up the menu often with guest chef, the space offers a casual place to hang, grab a coffee, and also shop - who doesn't love a post-lunch shopping trip!  I also recommend following them on instagram to see what chef they are bring in that week!


Vero L’Autre Cantine

Around the corner from Aujourd'hui Demain is another great vegan that I often go to for lunch! This adorable shop features a daily menu every day as well as healthy bowls and delicious desserts! I love have their menu of the day which includes an appetizer and a main meal. It also does takeaway!


 Raw Vegan Patissiere

I definitely have to add this new shop that opened up in the area! Mostly known for the vegan desserts - they do offer lunch as well! The desserts are creative and delicious ! If you have a sweet tooth _ I highly recommend checking out their vegan desserts.

Wild and The Moon

My final choice and my personal favorite, Wild and the Moon. This vegan and gluten free cafe has several location around Paris but I especially love the Rue Amelot location in the 11th Arrondissement. What to order here: You must try their smoothies and their golden latte - it’s the best in Paris!.

ParisRebecca Gerbino