My Photography Journey

People often ask how did I get into photography. I’ll be honest, I am mostly self-trained.

But If you want the long story..... I always loved photos ever since I can remember. I was the kid who always asked to use their parent’s camera until I got my own. I love photographing photos but even more so I loved seeing them in print.

In 2013, I bought my first DSLR for a three month work trip to Paris. I went out every weekend taking pictures and exploring the city. During that time, I became obsessed with all the photographer youtubers: Jasmine Star, Jana Williams and Nadia Meli !  When I went back to NY for six months before relocating permanently to Paris, I took an afternoon workshop where I learned manual mode with Art of intuitive photography in NYC. I found them through the amazing website, CourseHorse.  If you are in NYC, I would highly recommend checking this course out! In 2015, after practicing and getting comfortable with my camera, I realized I really wanted to explore portrait photography so I invested in a one on one session with the amazing photographer paris based photographer. This one-on-one session completely changed my trajectory and gave me the confidence I needed to explore and challenge myself to ask people if I can photograph them, which I remember being scary as hell. Shortly thereafter, I enrolled in the online course Creative Live  30 day wedding photography bootcamp with Jasmine Star!

After that, it was months and months of YouTube videos and portfolio building. In 2017, I upgraded to a full frame camera (pro gear!) and launched my business.  Being in the second year of my, I am completely in awe of how much my photography has grown. I am so grateful that I followed my intuition which has led me to where I am today!


Photos by : Helena Woods