My Fitness Story: How I Made Exercising a Priority

Coming from a sporty family, I was the one that did NOT exercise. I knew it was important but I wasn’t interested. Over the years, I got into off and on. It was until one month before my 29th birthday did I change my ways and it all began with a challenge!  

In October 2015, I decided to take  the Every Girl fitness challenge: A 30 Day Fitness Challenge to start exercising regular! I went for my first run in a very long time and ran to the Notre Dame Cathedral (I know - crazy that this is my life!) I was stressed with working full time, doing a Executive MBA program, learning a new language and still settling into a new country -  that I knew a needed a better outlet to handle my stress because let’s be honest there was a lot of it! This challenge motivated me to ask my friend to join me!

We started simple with Affordable Yoga classes and during that time I reflected on when I  was most motivated in working out when I lived in the U.S. and it was spinning! I remember loving it and getting out bed at 5am to make the 5:45am class (OH MY, how life is so different now that I live in Europe!). I searched online to find something similar in Paris and discovered Dynamo! You already know I have a love for this place if you have watch my Instagram stories or read my blog post here.  I convinced my friend to join me and we both quickly became addicted! I started exercising two days week and noticed the benefits immediately! I felt better - less stressed, felt more relaxed and started losing weight!  

In January 2016, this when things really began to change!  I took and completed the Dynamo 15 session in 30 days challenge (I’m starting to see a trend. I like challenges :) ). I thought this was going to be an impossible challenge - and amazingly the thing I need to start exercising three times a week which makes a big difference! Then I was on a role, making new friends and finding workout buddies, I found myself exercising three to four times a week!

In 2017, I was introduced to Wanted Sports through a Lululemon event and began taking TRX classes! This was a great to meet new people and exercise at the same time! When starting TRX - I really noticed the change in my figure! TRX allowed me to get more tone and I also became lifting in that same year.

This year in 2018, it’s been all about variety as I discussed in my blog post! I workout on average 3 to 4 times a week mixing Spinning, Yoga, TRX, Weight Lifting, HIT Training and Pilates!   Variety what keeps me motivated! I still and will always continue to exercise for mental health! Exercise keeps me sane and less stressed!

As a perk - I lost 30lbs/15 kilos and have been able to maintain this weight loss for over a year! I truly believed that because my main goal was losing weight, but just added bonus, it what helped me maintain! If you are looking to get into fitness, I would highly recommend doing a challenge or working out with friends - both of these strategies it was has motivated me and helped me stable accountable to my fitness goals!