How To Prepare for a Photo Session

They say that preparation is the key to success. Before every session, one of the priorities for me is to provide information to my clients on how they can best prepare for our time together! Let’s be honest - being in front of the camera can be very nerve-wracking - even I get camera shy. So I maximize every minute of our time together by preparing my clients in advance in order for them to truly enjoy the experience and the photos that will be captured!

Here are some of my tips on preparing for a photo session:


Dress comfortably! I always want my clients to feel comfortable and dress to their own style and personality. The Eiffel tower is stunning at it is - so there is no need to overdo it! I love when my clients wear something that makes them feel beautiful and comfortable! Most of my client choose to be photographed in one look so another way to add variety to a session is to wear layers such as a sweater to quickly change the look without having to do a complete outfit change. Another suggestions for recently engaged couples or couples that want ring shots is to get their nails done prior to the session as most girls prefer to have manicured nails when taking pictures of their hands !


Props! Bringing props is always a great way to personalize a session! I always try to incorporate them into the photos in a fun way! I had once client order flowers from Bergamotte (which were delivered her hotel the night prior her session)  as well as bring a bottle of champagne which were great props!

Location, location! Most of my clients choose Place du Trocadero as the place to be photographed. Place du Trocadero is the best view of the Eiffel Tower because II’m able to capture the full size of the Eiffel Tower in the photos. There are so many other great locations in Paris some of these can be a cafe setting, Montmartre, the Marais, Palais du Jardin Royal (my personal favorite!)  I am true believer in telling my clients’ story in a way that is meaningful and the location always sets the stage!


Timing is Everything! Being a lover of natural light, my timing for the session isn’t a coincidence, it is scheduled so that I have the best lighting for the photos so my sessions start on time. I always ask that my clients allow enough time to get to the location and include time for travel or traffic. This ensures that we are in the right place and the right light in order to get the best results!


It’s more than okay to feel nervous! I want my clients to relax and have fun and enjoy the process of being photographed in this beautiful city!   Please know that I do not expect my clients to be models. My job is to direct my clients in a way that helps them  relax, feel natural, and be their true comfortable selves in front of my lens. There is no need to practice poses, study Pinterest pins or let the nerves take over. Nerves are natural, that’s why I’m there to  ensure the end result is something they will love!

I hope these tips help you when planning for your Paris photo session!