Best Places to be Photographed in Paris

Location, Location, Location!

When it comes to photo session, it’s all about the location! It really sets the tones of the shoot and gives you the vibe!  I always recommend that my clients first and foremost choose a location that works best for them! I am true believer in telling my client’s story in a way that is meaningful to them! Whether, it is documenting there trip to Paris for the first time or capturing them at a cafe that is meaningful - I always prefer that my clients choose the location! If they are hesitating between locations, I usually recommend the following:

First, the classic Eiffel Tower views at Trocadero! It’s a misconception that the photos taken with the Eiffel Tower backdrop is location at the Eiffel Tower. The session actually take place at Place de Trocadero! I know - surprising right! It’s a spot can sometimes be missed by tourist - I know I did in my first trip to Paris (but in my defense, I only stayed for 24 hours!). Trocadero is packed in the evening! Literally tour buses of people are dropped off to see the sunset and see the Eiffel Tower light up! This why I cannot stress enough to take photos at sunrise to enjoy this place all to yourselves!

Next, the beautiful Jardin du Palais-Royal! This park is famous for the black and white columns and the gardens! Honestly, it’s beautiful and the lighting is always perfect! A lot of it has to do with the beige tiles that reflect beautifully creating the most amazing lit portraits! Another of this location, is that you can moved around according to the light (which is something you can’t do at trocadero - since you can’t move the Eiffel Tower). In addition, this location offers a lot of variety in one place!  So if you are looking for a Paris vibe without an obvious symbol in the background - I highly recommend this location!

Finally, a Parisian cafe! Honestly there is nothing like having your photos taken at a cafe! I love documenting because it really tells a story- you can add props such as a fancy cappuccino and really create more candid real moments! There are so many beautiful cafes in Paris,  it would be hard to choose just one!

Other great locations to be photographed are the Louvre, the streets of the Marais, a cafe in Saint Germain, Pont Alexandre bridge, on the Seine! Paris is a wonderful backdrop for your session and there are so many great options to choose from for your session!