Favorite Yoga Studios in Paris

I often get asked where I practice yoga especially within the expat community. Attending my first yoga class in French, I’ll admit, was super nerve wracking! I remember being scared trying something new in a different language ! But as with most things - I pushed myself through the fear and haven't stop since! And my french vocabulary for body part has extensively improved as a result of it!  So if you are looking to try yoga in Paris here are my recommendations:

Tip: Most teachers do speak english so if you are nervous of trying a class in french just let the teacher know before starting the class!

YogaFactory:  YogaFactory is a beautiful studio in the Haut Marais located close to metro Republique so easily accessible. The heated studio has one of the most zen environment in Paris. What I love about the studio is that it is heated to 26° so it warms up your body without feeling like your suffocating (also great for guys who are looking to get into yoga as well because the aids with flexibility!) . The studio offers non-traditional yoga classes at all levels and recently reducing their prices to an affordable 13 euros per class including the yoga mat! Overall, I would say this is my preferred yoga studio in Paris!

Teacher Recommendations: I highly recommend Thibault and Guillaume!  

Omm Studio:  This studio also located in the Marais is a close walk from Bastille. I like the calming space of this studio but my primary reason for going is for the best yoga teacher in Paris, Benoit! Offering traditional vinyasa yoga classes on both Mondays and Wednesday, he provides an incredible yoga flow that also challenges your own abilities and strength. Every time i am in his class my body moves in ways, I never thought it could! While it is more on the pricier side, the studio does offer specials and pricing for bulk classes! In addition, a mat is included the price which is a perk when running to the 18h45 class after work!

Teacher Recommendations:  Benoit and Alex !

Modo Yoga: A great studio located in the 11th arrondissement for hot yoga! I’ll be honest, hot yoga is not my thing! I wish it was because the teachers are excellent, the studio is really nice and the hours are amazing! There is so many options in terms of class schedule!  So if you like a Bikram style yoga class and a heated room at +35°C then I highly recommend checking out this studio! They also offer many amazing community classes and free classes! Plus they offer a volunteer program for free yoga!

Teacher Recommendations: Antoine and Willow

YogaVillage: Another great studio near Opera, I usually head to this studio when I want a Saturday morning class with Benoit!  I know a lot of people who love this studio and they offer great workshops but for me, I am motivated to go here because of the teacher!

Teacher Recommendation: Benoit (Obviously!)

That’s my round up of my favorite studio most of located on the East Side of Paris (you can tell where I hang out! LOL). I’ll do another post of my favorite teachers in Paris and non traditional yoga classes!