Versailles with The Paris Guy tours

After completing my interview for French nationality earlier in the week, I couldn't thought of better way to celebrate than with a day tripped filled with French history!  I joined my friend and fellow blogger Chloe of MyLifeLivingAbroad to discover the Chateau de Versailles with the guided tours provided by the Paris Guy!  

Thanks to the guided tour of Versailles with the The Paris Guy - I have new found love for the Chateau at the experience!  If you lived in Paris for awhile you will know that the experience of going to Versailles it’s normally quite the journey! The Paris Guy tour made the trip seamless and effortless before the tour started!

  • They accompanied you on public transportation! This is a huge plus for me; my photography clients and visitors because transportation while not complicated, is not easy if you don't understand the system or speak the language.  Getting to know your tour guide while they accompanied you to Versailles; made the trip fun! Also, our tour guide helped the visitors make lunches reservations and provided advice on the town before the tour started!

  • No lines! Besides transportation, the other reason I used to avoid going to Versailles, especially in the summer is because of the lines! Seriously, this adds hours to your visit! By booking the tour through the Paris Guy, we skipped the line so a 3 hour wait turned into 20 minutes!  This was amazing and made the tour more enjoyable - especially if you are traveling with children!

Once we entered into the Chateau, our tour guide Yulia made the experience very memorable !  She was knowledgeable about the location and has brought in modern day relevance to the tour!  I would highly recommended add this the Paris Guy tour to your Paris inteninary! It is a magnificent place and Yulia brought the history to life ----- made you feel like were transported back in time!

Here are some of my favorite photos from our tour: