Discovering Normandy

Living in Paris, you often forget there is life outside the City. While I visited some cities in France, the region of Normandy was unlike any other place I’ve seen.  Driving out to the seaside, the first place on the list was Phare d’Antifer to see the lighthouse view situated on a hill overlooking the views of the coasts of Normandy.   Following the lighthouse, we made our way to Etretat to see the magnificence cliff sides. Etretat is famous for their natural shaped cliffs. After exploring Etretat, we drove up to Fecamp a port town on the coasts to see more of the amazing views.  Escaping from Paris for the day was really incredible and I fell in love with the Normandy (already planning a trip back out there soon!). So if you are planning a long trip to France, I would recommend adding Normandy to your itinerary. Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip!