Why I Photograph Paris at Sunrise?

As a Paris-based photographer, I recommend that  my clients to be photographed at sunrise or early in the morning. Why ? Well, first there is nothing like Paris in the morning, the golden hour lighting is magical and the city has an emptiness to it. So when my client are hesitating to select this option, I love providing them with a list of advantages  and disadvantages to help them make the decision which I will share with you!

  • The main advantage of a sunrise session is how empty the city is. Taking pictures in front of Eiffel Tower at sunrise is like having your own private tour of Paris! The city and the tourists are still sleep so you have the unique experience of seeing it without the crowds. It so incredible, I still have a “pinch me” moment every time I am there!

  • Another advantage of having a photo session in the morning is that it frees up your day. Because we finish the session early, the rest of the day is freed up so you can enjoy it touring or however you'd like! It gives you the opportunity to explore the city and relax without having to prepare for a photo session in the middle of your day or evening.

So now that we talked about the advantages, let’s talk about the main disadvantage - getting up early! Because, let’s be honest, I am not a morning person so the main  getting up early is difficult, especially on your vacation. But I am telling you it’s worth - once you have experienced it, you will understand why I love Paris at Sunrise!