Looking Back // Katy + Dayton

I know many people say don’t look back but for me, looking back is one of the ways I acknowledge my accomplishments. On April 24, 2017, I photographed my first client. I was so scared and nervous! My client was the gorgeous Katy from the Out & About blog and her amazing boyfriend Dayton (now financé, congrats to you both!). They were both kind, sweet  and patient with me as I documented their trip to Paris. I remember going home to edit the photos, being nervous that I completely screwed it up and why on earth would they hire me! But then I looked at the images and I saw that I captured Katy’s beautiful laugh, the kind of laugh that lights up a room, and I documented the way that Dayton looked at her. He had that smile on his face, that “look”. You know the one I am talking about - the “I've completely fallen head over heels for this girl”! Seeing the photos, the real laughs, the genuine smiles, that’s when I knew, I can do this. I can photograph couples. I can capture real moments and give them memories for a lifetime, photos that they will look back and say, “remember that time we went to Paris”. I want to thank Katy and Dayton, my first clients, for trusting me to document your trip and for showing me that I can document real moments!