Working Out in Paris

When it comes to exercising, I usually aim for 3 to 4 session per week. For me, it's all about variety. Here are some of my favorite locations to work out in Paris:

Dynamo Cycling: This is where I get my spinning fix. Dynamo is an indoor cycling studio that offers an intense cardio workout. I love when the lights go down and the music turns up, and the work out begins! Seriously it changes my entire mood and was the catalyst for my active lifestyle. Teacher Recommendation: Clotilde Chaumet!

Chez Simone: Part cafe/Part workout studio, this beautiful apartment in centrally located in Paris that offers a great variety classes including Yoga, TRX and HITT. My favorite class here is the Fire Starter class with My Training Dairy blogger Clelia.  Seriously best class ever! Only downside, the time - its on Friday at 7:30am but it's a great way to start the weekend.

Cercle de La Forme: I decided to join a gym when all my workout classes were getting expensive and the main advantage of this gym along with the price tag is that they offer TRX classes. TRX has completely changed my body and I swear by it. My favorite studio location is NATION and they offer TRX classes every day!

Reformation Pilates: I talked about this place in a recent blog post so you can see all the details there. This place has been incredible and I’ve fallen in love with Reformer Pilates.