Couple Session: Sydney + Zach

After this photo session, Sydney, Zach and I enjoyed coffee at a cafe. I asked how they met. Sydney and Zach began to share their story of how they were best friends in college. Sydney was crazy about Zach but Zach was focus on his soccer career and did not realize it. It wasn't until after an evening of talking all night long, did Zach realize he met someone special. He knew that Sydney was moving after college to another city and he couldn't let her go.

This couple session was a very special one for me because Sydney is my cousin. Zach and Sydney was a honor to document your relationship during your first trip to Paris together. I loved being able to capture the little moments on the session. The way Sydney wrinkles her nose when she smiles at Zach and they way Zach cannot stop staring at her realizing that he is the most blessed man in the world to have met her.  Thank you for letting me document it.