Big Mamma's Pizzeria Popolare

I have always been a fan of the Big Mamma Group restaurants. I have tried and tested most of them, Pink Mamma, Obermamma, East Mama, Big Love Cafe but it was my most recent trip to Pizzeria Popolare that really made me fall in love with this group of restaurant. On this visit, my friend who was visiting from the U.S and I decided to go all out and we were blown away! The cocktails were incredible, the food delicious but it was the dessert that really won us over! I know completely understand why there is always a line for these restaurants! If you are going, I’d recommend getting their before they open and wait in line. It usually moves fast. Or get there closer to closing time.  We went at the end of lunch and only waited amount 10 minutes. I highly recommend checking out their restaurants - and don't forget to save room for dessert! The prices are great and the food is excellent so it’s totally worth the wait in line!

Pizza Popolare

111 Rue Réaumur

Paris 75002

ParisRebecca Gerbino