Belle Campagne: Tasting the Bordeaux Cuisine


So I would love to tell you that this we researched in advance the restaurants for Bordeaux, but the truth was we arrived on Monday afternoon from San Sebastian as a stopover before returning to Paris. We were hungry and tired and I was on the search to find a restaurant that wasn't a tourist trap. I kept searching google and most of the restaurants seemed to be closed because it was a Monday. I starting regretting my decision to not have planned better and then I stumbled on this restaurant in my search: Belle Campagne ! The reviews were great and the tip was to get there early so that we can get a table ! So we got there at opening hour and I couldn't believe we stumbled upon ! The restaurant was a beautiful, the cuisine was farm to table styled serving fresh seasonal foods ! We ordered are glass of wine and was served some terrine while we drooled over the menu ! The restaurant offers a daily menu for dinner the price was 32€ for an appetizer, dinner and dessert ! I had a lentil appetizer which was delicious and the main course was a Magret de Canard  with a creamy polenta served with hazelnut and fig which was incredible ! I highly recommend you make a reservation in advance because this place is booked every night - even on Monday! Since we got there early, I was able to sneak upstairs to capture the restaurant before the crowds arrived! I highly recommend adding this to your Bordeaux restaurant list! The food was impeccable, the decor was adorable and the servers were so nice! I will definitely be coming back here the next time I am in town!

Belle Campagne

15 Rue des Bahutiers, 33000 Bordeaux

Phone: 09 73 61 28 68

Rebecca Gerbino