Behind the Scenes of a Photo Session

Most people don't realize the work that goes into photography.  One of the misconceptions about photography is that once the photos are taken the work is done, when in reality it is so much more than that! So I figured I’d write a post to demystify the work that goes into each session.

Preparation & Planning

Once a session is book, I spend about a an hour or two planning for the session. This includes reviewing the details of the session, the purpose of the photos (sunrise session or blogger session), reviewing the location and preparing a photo list. Since I often shoot at similar locations, it’s important to me to go through the photos I have taken in the past and brainstorm how I can take a different approach to this session and use the location differently in order to make it unique for each couple and client. I always arrive early to the session, to scope the location (even the same locations such as Place Trocadero may have areas blocked off or inaccessible so it is important for me to be prepared).

Shooting The Session: The actual session I would say is the shortest part and the part I love the most! Most session last anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour. The actual taken the photos takes the least amount of timeIn this session, I am providing my clients with instructions on posing and techniques to relax while looking stunning in front of the camera.  I love having my clients setup in poses that ultimately lead to a natural, authentic look such as a natural laugh and smile!

Culling & Editing: The last step prior to delivering the images, is the longest step and for me takes the most time which is the Culling and Editing. Culling is the process of going through all the photos taken during the session. Depending on the shoo,  I can capture usually anywhere from 300 to 1000 images! I then spend time going through all the photos and narrowing down to the best photos taken from the session. Once completed, that’s when the work begins: the Editing. Each photo is gone through and adjustments are made for exposure, temperature saturation, highlights and shadows in order to deliver the best images! The best way I explain this to people is think about when you go to post a photo on instagram and you make adjustments. The concept is similar within the editing and post processing.

I love the entire process from beginning to end. There’s a lot that goes into every session which allows me to provide clients with beautiful photos.  Once the steps are completed, the photos are delivered via an online gallery and the best part is getting the clients feedback and reaction to the photos! I love hearing how much they love them and seeing them share their photos online!