A Good Photograph Is One That Communicates A Fact, Touches The Heart, Leaves The Viewer A Changed Person For Having Seen It. It Is, In A Word, Effective.
— Irving Penn

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Photography in Paris

I love this city, all of it, in the rain or in sunshine. It has a unique beauty that cannot be found anywhere else. People are drawn to it and attracted to the magic that it offers. Through exploring the city, I developed a passion for photography and through my photography,  I love that I have the opportunity to meet so many people and see the city as a tourist through their eyes. It’s at that moment, I fall in love with the city all over again.





You can often see a child's personality in the way they color. I was one of those children who always colored outside the lines. It would drive my sister crazy because the coloring would not be in the same direction nor within the confined limits that the book provided. . 



Born and raised Jersey Girl, Paris has become my home. I love the Paris that tourist don’t often see. The places where people know your name! Often you’ll find me on the east side of Paris (east side, right bank). It’s the coffee shops, the parks which make me feel at home! 



Photography started as a hobby!  A turning point occurred when I decided to challenge myself to take photos of people and from that moment I was hooked! I love capturing people as their most real selves: the way they laugh, smile, I want to capture it all! 

Paris is always a good idea"

I first came to Paris at 25 years old. I was alone traveling through the city for 36 hours. The city was like any other I have discovered. I walked through the streets of the Marais, explored the bridges along the Seine and walked to the Eiffel Tower. The city was beautiful but I didn’t know when I would come back. It just so happened that I would move here three years later and since then, this city has become my home.